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Fri, 16 Oct 2015

Now it's official I'm paranoid

I care for my privacy, I don’t have Facebook and WhatsApp. I have a mobile phone without any commercial apps. I prefer to pay cash to avoid trails. I use encryption, host my e-mail, calender and file server myself. I avoid sweepstakes where I’ve to give any personal data including my name. In my browser I block all third party content not required for the website. I know I still leave a trail by keeping my mobile phone connected all the time. I give up a lot of comfort.

So it seems I’m paranoid. The world would be much more pleasant, cheered up and beautiful if I just suppress all the findings of Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks or The Intercept and we could then sleep better. But no I’m paranoid. Well I at least I didn’t get more paranoid, all the things I listed above I did already before Snowden leaked the NSA documents in 2013. I just feel vindicated, even if I never imagined this magnitude.

At least it seems I’m not alone. The Atlantic published an Article by Walter Kirn If you’re not paranoid, you’re crazy that is a good read.

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